About Us

Established in 2007

Optimal Health Medical Institute is the leader in integrative medicine and provides a holistic health care approach designed to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.  We offer a wide array of services in conventional and complementary medicine and specialize in bio-identical hormone therapy, cancer strategies, nutritional disorders, weight loss management, autoimmune and allergy conditions and more.  

Rather you are just looking for a Primary Care Practitioner who takes a holistic approach or you have a complex chronic issue, we understand that your optimal health comes from a balance of all dimensions of health, nutrition, life style and environment. Our patients benefit from this overall health and wellness approach to life, optimizing your body's own innate healing ability, all while focusing on finding and treating the root cause, not just treating the symptoms.   

What Makes Us Unique

All too often, the current standard of care only treats the symptoms. Here at Optimal Health our concern is finding and treating the root cause. We take the time to get to know the person and regard them with the utmost care and respect. We also know that there are many different treatment options, some may be pharmacological and many others that are not. Our patients particularly value this holistic approach and open mindedness to their health care needs.

Our Team

Daniel L. Hanson, PA-C

Dan is a well renown health care provider specializing in Hormone Balancing and Integrative Medicine. In his Family Practice, Dan believes strongly in treating the whole person and focusing on the cause instead of just treating the symptoms.  He is able to accomplish this, by really taking the time to get to know all his patients.  Dan recognizes that for health care to be effective, we need to take both an integrative and preventive approach.    


Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
Preventive Medicine
Primary Care Practitioner
Take Shape For Life Health Coach  

Dr. Ralph Sutherlin, DO, MPH – Medical Director

 Board Certified:  Preventive Medicine (Aerospace Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Community Medicine)
Board Eligible:  Family Medicine

Dr. Sutherlin has been practicing medicine for over twenty years within the government and private sector.  His dream has been to have a medical facility that allows time to be spent with each patient in a relaxed, stress-free environment with various options to evaluate our patients and develop a treatment plan that also "looks outside the box" of the usual orthodox treatment options. 


Primary Care Physician with a holistic perspective
Environmental Toxicity Evaluation & Treatment
Preventive Medicine

Office Staff

Front Office: Alycia & Marissa

Phlebotomist: Maria

Bookkeeper:  Shawna

Billing:  Sherry

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check, cash, or Traveler’s checks.  There is a $25 fee on returned checks. We require at least 24 hrs notice to cancel or change a scheduled appointment, otherwise a $50 rescheduling fee will be applied. 

We accept Blue Cross, Blue Shield and IPN when appropriate  
*Please call your medical insurance carrier prior to your appointment for specific benefits of your policy. 

Appointments must be paid for at time of service.  

Our Office

Front Entrance

Located in the Times Square Plaza, the back left building.


Patient Room

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Optimal Health Medical Institute

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